Good article by Nanette Lobiondo last week regarding a conversation I had with her and her subsequent talk with City Administrator Richard Deany. I believe at one point in that conversation we finally got some idea of the City Commission’s thinking on this whole situation.

“The position of the City of Margate at this time is that such a poll as requested is not necessary or even helpful, and if desired, is way premature,” Deaney said in a statement. “No capital project undertaking of the magnitude proposed by Mr. Klotz and the Margate Boardwalk Committee ($24 million) begins with a poll.”
Asking people if they thought having a boardwalk would be a “nice amenity for Margate” would draw many positive responses, Deaney said, but doing the poll “does nothing to move the discussion forward.”

It’s pretty clear from the quote above that the City doesn’t desire to hear what the residents or the voters have to say about this subject and are even worried it might attract a lot of favorable responses. In any event, it appears they’re not interested in knowing. This is odd since a year ago in a meeting with Commissioner Amadeo he’s the one that proposed a public poll as a start of the process, now it seems that’s not such a good idea anymore. It’s also strange since last winter we received a letter from the Commissioner’s essentially asking us to send them $ 5,000 for the fees to cover an application to the NJDEP to start the process of actually getting approval from the State for this project. Now everything is premature etc., you figure it out? Anyway, we’ve been pretty consistent from the start of this whole thing that ONLY the residents of Margate should make the final decision ( locally) on this issue, but it appears the City Commission doesn’t agree. Unfortunately for the Commission State law says otherwise. Anyway, take a read of the entire article it’s well written and it’s accurate.

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