The paperwork to get an INITIATIVE on the ballot in Margate is underway. The City now has our submission and we will move along in the process toward an election sometime this year. The City Atty. will look at our wording and if it’s ok , the City Clerk will then give us the number. of registered voters we will need signatures from to place the wording on the ballot this coming Nov. or earlier in a “special election.” That will be decided by when we get the signatures and turn them back into the City Clerk for validation. Once all this is done it will go to the Commissioners for a first reading. If they reject the InItIative it would then have to go to an election within 40 to 60 days. If adopted by them it would also have to go to a special election or if possible to the next General election in Nov. of this year. One way or another after we get the necessary number of signatures it’s going to be voted on.

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