The Margate Boardwalk Committee would like to thank the Margate City Commissioners for listening to the people of Margate ( the over 614 of them ) that signed our petition last summer asking for a referendum on this issue . Recently, we have also been collecting signatures on a 2nd petition to place an Initiative / ordinance on the books in Margate asking for that referendum. That request has now thankfully been answered and this question will now be placed on the Nov. ballot, as a non-binding referendum that will direct the Commissioners on this question in the future. From the start of this process, almost two years ago, we’ve always believed this question warranted a referendum and we also still believe that the non-voting taxpayers deserve a poll on this issue as well. Whether the Commission decides to do that will be up to them. First, however the law of the State of NJ mandates that the voters have to be asked and that will now happen. From our point of view, we are now one step closer to a Boardwalk returning to Margate on the beach. It’s up to the voters in Margate now to take it to the next step. Ultimately, the State of NJ will also be brought into the process through the offices of the NJDEP. We never said it was going to be easy, but allowing the voters to say where they stand on this issue is a good place to start.

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