New Construction on Ventnor’s Boardwalk in August 2019

When the BW opposition folks talk about Real Estate values being lower in Ventnor then Margate, it’s true, generally Real Estate does cost less in Ventnor. Of course, what they’re trying to imply is that because Ventnor has a BW its that singular difference between the two towns that causes lower Real Estate values In Ventnor. If that’s the case they need to explain this then. Real estate values are generally lower in Margate then Longport as well. Why is this when neither Margate nor Longport has a BW today? Of course, the reason is that BWs have nothing much to do with Real Estate values to start with. The problem isn’t BWs its their faulty logic. Just because A ( Ventnor has a BW) correlates with B ( Ventnor also has lower RE values) doesn’t mean A necessarily causes B. A classic Correlation doesn’t necessarily mean causation fallacy. Yet this is exactly what they try and claim over and over again in public and online. Added to their endless ad hominem ( personal attacks) on us and what we have are a bunch of people without a case.

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