Mayor Becker

Commissioner Blumberg

Commissioner Amodeo

City Administrator Richard Deaney

Re: Margate Staff Response to the Boardwalk Report

We have received and reviewed the Margate Professional Staff Response (dated October 16th, 2019) to our Boardwalk Proposal (as stated in A Margate Boardwalk for the 21st Century, July 1, 2019 prepared by The Margate Boardwalk Committee). While we have questions, comments, concerns and just plain differences of opinion with some of the points being made, we appreciate that the intent of this document is to “raise questions, generate discussion and give the professional opinion of Margate City” staff. Thank you. We intend to directly address these questions in the near future and continue the “conversation.

”For the record, we would like to point out that the path we have followed in advocating for a Boardwalk was dictated by three requests we received over the last year from Margate Commissioners:1. From Commissioner Blumberg for our Boardwalk-advocacy group’s report analyzing the necessity of having a Margate Boardwalk built and for a Public petition asking for a referendum on the Boardwalk issue with a min. of 500 Margate resident signatures.2. From Commissioner Amodeo for a poll to determine the support for a Boardwalk among the voters and taxpayers of Margate.

At our appearance before the Margate Commission Meeting on Thursday, August 15th, we presented our report, highlighted our research findings and asked for it to be formally entered into the record.At that same time, we also presented a petition signed by 614 Margate residents asking the city to sequentially convene a (third party) public poll of all property owners in the city on the question of building a Boardwalk in Margate and depending upon the results of the poll possibly followed by a public referendum for local voters. This was done to demonstrate widespread support, not necessarily for a Boardwalk itself, but for a process that would capture and represent the will of the people. We believe that the decision whether or not to build a Boardwalk in Margate, should be made by the entire community – voters and non-voting taxpayers.

We therefore respectfully ask that the City Commission respond to our petition’s request for a 3rd party poll and or a referendum, as soon as is reasonably possible.

Sincerely ,

The Margate Boardwalk Committee Inc.

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