The Petitioners Committee for a Boardwalk Initiative

The Petitioners Committee for a Boardwalk Initiative has been organized. They have all signed a petition of nomination to be handed to the City Clerk ASAP. The five petitioners are all Margate City resident voters. ( none of them are members of the Margate Boardwalk Committee Inc.) They will also hand in the wording of the Initiative to the City at the same time. Once all of this has been approved by the City Clerk a legal number of signatures of Margate voters necessary to activate the Initiative will be given to The Petitioners Committee.

The Process

Once the legal number of signatures is gathered and the signatures are certified by the City Clerk the Initiative will be given to the Margate City Board of Commissioners to be read onto the public record at the next scheduled Commission meeting. If it’s going to get the Commission’s stamp of approval it must be read again onto the public record a second time two weeks later, or at the next scheduled Commission meeting. Then it has to be advertised for 20 days. After the 20 days, it becomes law in Margate. Since the wording is going to ask for a non-binding public referendum on the Boardwalk issue be held, one would then be scheduled for within 40 – 60 days from the date it’s approved ( after the 20 day period.) If the Commission rejects the Initiative at the first reading, State law requires a “special election” to be scheduled within 40 – 60 days to allow the voters to approve of the Initiative or not. In other words, once the Initiative reaches the Commissioners there will almost certainly be an election about the Boardwalk one way or another. Maybe even two. But more about that later, for now, let’s take this one election at a time.


A Margate Boardwalk Committee updater: The wording for our Initiative has been handed to the City Clerk today for review. The next step will be to submit the petitions of notification from the five petitioners. Once this is all approved of by the City Clerk & the City Attorney we will begin the process of collecting the specified ( by the City Clerk) number of local voter signatures necessary for the Initiative to be placed before the City Commission in a public meeting.


As 2019 comes to a close the MBC is busy preparing its voter Initiative for the ballot sometime in 2020. We are also in process of updating our Report ( “A Margate BW for the 21st Century” ) & will have a second bigger edition of it ready sometime in Jan. / Feb. 2020. Along with it, we are also developing an updated version of our public Presentation that will be available for the Initiative election campaign in 2020. On top of all of that, we are also busy preparing a detailed answer to the City Administration’s response to the 1st edition of our Report. So, although you might not be hearing as much about us in the media these days it’s not because we’ve gone away or given up, in fact, we are busy working even harder to get a new BW built in Margate in all our lifetimes. Nobody said this was going to be easy.