The Margate Boardwalk Committee is in discussions with a member of the Margate Commission as regards the issue. Our Report ” A Margate Boardwalk for the 21st Century” is being reviewed for comment by the various Dept. heads of the Margate City Government. This review will eventually be given to the Commission, us and all of you. The Committee wants to be clear about this review. Whatever it is we won’t be satisfied until either all the taxpayers are polled or surveyed or at a min. the voters are polled or surveyed. We’re ok with either or both groups but this issue cannot be resolved by any one document or anyone groups positions on the issue. ONLY the voters at a min. can settle this issue in our view. The Commissioner indicated he also believes a poll/survey at this juncture would be a good idea. Both sides on the issue have gone on record with the Commission in public with the Commission essentially taking no public position one way or another. We believe such a situation warrants a public poll/survey at this point. A 3rd party poll or survey is an inexpensive way to find out where public sentiment is on the issue. If such a poll indicates majority support for the idea we believe that should then lead eventually to a binding public referendum.

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