The Margate Administration’s reply to our Aug. 15th Presentation

Last Thurs. Margate City’s Administration released an author-less letter detailing the opinions of the various city dept. heads regarding our report “A Margate Boardwalk for the 21st Century,” which we placed on the public record at the Commission meeting this past Aug. 15th. Our report was prepared at the request of Commissioner Maury Blumberg. At the same meeting we also placed on the public record a petition with 614 taxpayer and voter signatures. The petition was also prepared and completed at the request of Commissioner Blumberg.  The petition asked the Margate City Commission to hold a referendum and concurrently a 3rd party poll ( for the non-voting taxpayers) whether or not they would support the construction of a citywide non-commercial public boardwalk on Margate’s beach. We have yet to receive any reply from the city pertaining to the petition’s request. We intend to make further inquiries with the Commissioners as regards the petition. Finding out what the will of the people in Margate is on this issue, is our Committee’s primary short-term goal. If the City Commission agrees to or refuses to take any action to further that goal, it will determine our next course of action. We will report to you again as soon as we have that information and at that update, we will discuss where we go from there.

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