The Margate Boardwalk Committee has scheduled a public meeting designed to educate the local community about the proposed project to build a boardwalk along Margate’s beachfront.

The proposed boardwalk would connect to the Ventnor boardwalk, providing a beachfront path from Margate to the Atlantic City end of the island. 

The public meeting is set for July 13 at the Ross School on Granville Avenue in Margate.  The event begins at 10:30am.  Doors will open at 10:15am.  This event is free and open to the public.

The event provides an opportunity to learn more about funding the proposed project, as well as a fully-researched cost/benefit analysis. 

“People have questions about the Margate Boardwalk project, and we’ve got answers,” said Committee President Glenn Klotz.  “We aim to present the details of this proposed project with fact-based data.”

It is the committee’s contention that a Boardwalk would be a powerful enhancement to the city of Margate by improving beach accessibility, as well as address bike and pedestrian safety on Margate’s main thoroughfares.   

“We encourage people to attend the meeting and ask questions. We hope that when the citizens learn the facts, they will be convinced of the benefits,” Klotz said.

The Margate Boardwalk committee was formed in recent years by local citizens in response to the spate of issues created by the beach dunes that were foisted upon the city by New Jersey state government.

To learn more about the Margate Boardwalk project visit and Friends of the Margate Boardwalk group on FaceBook

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