Longport Boardwalk early 20th Century

Longport also had a boardwalk in the 20th Century. It was connected to Margate’s and the Ventnor /AC Boardwalks as well. This Island spanning BW was what made our Island unique in that era and gave rise to the phrase still used even today about Atlantic City’s World Famous BW. Nothing like it existed anywhere else on the planet back in that era. Unfortunately, that BW was destroyed in 1944 by an infamous Hurricane of that time. Longport and Margate subsequently chose not to rebuild their BWS. This is one of the only photos I’ve ever seen of the Longport section of that BW. Maybe after Margate rebuilds its BW Longport might opt to do the same?


Great article today in the Downbeach Buzz where all this started almost a year ago. Check it out


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Margate Boardwalk Information

Margate had a Boardwalk once for almost 40 yrs. That BW was destroyed during the infamous Sept. 1944 Hurricane. No one knows exactly why it wasn’t rebuilt back then. It’s thought there was a debate at that time within the City Commission over whether to rebuild it or not. Needless to say. it was decided not to rebuild and from what we know about that particular BW it was probably a good idea at the time, considering the fact, that much of that BW was built very close to the Ocean and the surf. We also know from research done here in Margate that the first BW had been damaged many times by storms and parts of it had been built and rebuilt over and over again from 1907 to 1944. The same was true at that time for Longport, Ventnor and AC’s sections of the once Island wide BW that existed in that era. Why Margate and Longport chose NOT to rebuild is lost to the mists of history, but today things have radically changed on Absecon Island and 99% of today’s existing BWs in AC and Ventnor are secure behind a Federal / State Beach Project berm and are no longer directly exposed to the Ocean. It’s under these circumstances that we have organized and suggested to the City Administration and the public in Margate that we consider rebuilding our BW again in Margate , but this time behind the protective Army Corp.berm that now exists on our beaches.