The Margate Boardwalk Committee is in discussions with a member of the Margate Commission as regards the issue. Our Report ” A Margate Boardwalk for the 21st Century” is being reviewed for comment by the various Dept. heads of the Margate City Government. This review will eventually be given to the Commission, us and all of you. The Committee wants to be clear about this review. Whatever it is we won’t be satisfied until either all the taxpayers are polled or surveyed or at a min. the voters are polled or surveyed. We’re ok with either or both groups but this issue cannot be resolved by any one document or anyone groups positions on the issue. ONLY the voters at a min. can settle this issue in our view. The Commissioner indicated he also believes a poll/survey at this juncture would be a good idea. Both sides on the issue have gone on record with the Commission in public with the Commission essentially taking no public position one way or another. We believe such a situation warrants a public poll/survey at this point. A 3rd party poll or survey is an inexpensive way to find out where public sentiment is on the issue. If such a poll indicates majority support for the idea we believe that should then lead eventually to a binding public referendum.


A new Boardwalk in Margate would be a Climate-friendly, healthy addition to our town because it will give our people a new Public park and a new walkway/bike path to enjoy. It will take people out of their cars. and homes and get them running, walking, jogging and riding their bikes instead. It will improve everyone’s quality of life and literally save lives.


Not sure when this picture is from? If I had to guess, I’d say It’s most likely from the 1930’s by the look of the women’s bathing suits. Anyway, you’ll notice they are running barefooted not a great idea back when all BWs had yellow pine decks. Those old decks splintered easily and wore out in 5-10 yrs. Even today Ocean City and Wildwood still have these old-style BW decks. Margate probably won’t use pine when the day comes to choose decking. The MBC endorses Black Locust instead of Pine or Ipe wood.


On August 19th The Margate Boardwalk Committee wrote the Margate City Commission asking for a response to our presentation and submissions we gave the previous Thurs. Aug 15th at the City Commission meeting. We received a written response on Aug. 26th. The response was from the City Administrator Mr. Deany. It basically said that the City Administration would read our Report and get back to us. It did not, however, mention the Petition with its over 600 signatures. It’s fair to assume that since the Petition is essentially a political document that the City Administrator was not authorized to respond to it. Hopefully, the Commission itself eventually will. I’m sure they realize in any event whether they do or don’t, this will not end the matter. It’s our Committee’s belief and it’s policy that for the moment ONLY the people of Margate can settle this issue one way or another. We will, therefore, continue to act and to move toward that day.  

The Margate Boardwalk Committee. 


New Construction on Ventnor’s Boardwalk in August 2019

When the BW opposition folks talk about Real Estate values being lower in Ventnor then Margate, it’s true, generally Real Estate does cost less in Ventnor. Of course, what they’re trying to imply is that because Ventnor has a BW its that singular difference between the two towns that causes lower Real Estate values In Ventnor. If that’s the case they need to explain this then. Real estate values are generally lower in Margate then Longport as well. Why is this when neither Margate nor Longport has a BW today? Of course, the reason is that BWs have nothing much to do with Real Estate values to start with. The problem isn’t BWs its their faulty logic. Just because A ( Ventnor has a BW) correlates with B ( Ventnor also has lower RE values) doesn’t mean A necessarily causes B. A classic Correlation doesn’t necessarily mean causation fallacy. Yet this is exactly what they try and claim over and over again in public and online. Added to their endless ad hominem ( personal attacks) on us and what we have are a bunch of people without a case.


One of the most galling LIES spewed by the opposition to building a Boardwalk in Margate is the one about how property values will inevitably decline if such a structure is ever built in Margate. The reality is much more likely that they will rise. Witness the header picture above. This is just one of many brand new multi-million dollar homes presently under construction right next to the Ventnor Boardwalk today. The truth is Ventnor’s Boardwalk is filled to overflowing with luxurious new homes and so is much of its beach block that has enjoyed the same building boom Margate has experienced this past 10 yrs. So, when you hear this particular falsehood just point to all the new construction going on today and all the construction that has taken place in this area over the last 10 years.



The Poll the Margate Boardwalk Committee is recommending be held would include all of Margate’s residents registered voters as well as non-voting taxpayers. We have also recommended that it be a THIRD PARTY poll. A third party poll is one conducted by an Independent certified polling group, agency or Institute. Many exist. The City of Margate would sponsor it but wouldn’t write the actual questions, nor tabulate the results. It would probably be done by mail and com…See More