As 2019 comes to a close the MBC is busy preparing its voter Initiative for the ballot sometime in 2020. We are also in process of updating our Report ( “A Margate BW for the 21st Century” ) & will have a second bigger edition of it ready sometime in Jan. / Feb. 2020. Along with it, we are also developing an updated version of our public Presentation that will be available for the Initiative election campaign in 2020. On top of all of that, we are also busy preparing a detailed answer to the City Administration’s response to the 1st edition of our Report. So, although you might not be hearing as much about us in the media these days it’s not because we’ve gone away or given up, in fact, we are busy working even harder to get a new BW built in Margate in all our lifetimes. Nobody said this was going to be easy.

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